As a family-owned and operated limited liability company, we at Casa Deja LLC. have only one goal in our rental business, that is, providing the needy family like yours with beautiful homes at affordable rent rate.  Having been in the home rental business for more than twenty years, we fully understand every kind of needs and cares our renters and tenants may have in their rental homes, and therefore, we go beyond the common mileage for best maintenance service and emergency house calls.    Currently, Casa Deja has rental homes only in three states, California, Ohio and Wyoming. However, we are always working hard to enrich our portfolio in other states since we love our business so much. Keep on checking us here on this website and see what we may have next month in the place where you and your family might want to move to !                                                      


Locations coming to available for you:   

   A.  Casa Valencia at 3635 Northdale Place, Cincinnati, OH45213 ( Kennedy Heights)                                                         -- One bedroom apartment, $575/month, 12 -month lease     -- two-bedroom apartment, $725/month, 12-month lease    

  B.  Casa Vista at 3182 Saffer Street, Cincinnati, OH45211(Westwood)                                                                       -- One bedroom apartment:   $650/mont, 12-month lease 

  C.  Mckeone House at 1277 Mckeone Avenue, Cincinnati, OH45205( West Price Hill)                                                                $900/Month, 12-month lease   

  D. 2283 Quebec Road, Unit 2, Cincinnati, OH45214                      4 - 5 bedrooms with 1 bathroom. Section 8 approved              $1,200/month, 12-month lease

    * All units have free Wi Fi and TV channels.  Mckeone House does NOT supply free water and trash. However, landscaping is free.                         

Need a home now?   Pick up your phone and call us now (513)445 9633, or toll-free 1-844-825-3800 or simply click the APPLICATION here to apply.