Why Pre-qualified?                                                                                                                 Even though we welcome everybody of legal renting age to come to find his or her home here in our apartment                        buildings, we still like not to waste anybody's time and let someone down after the exciting home show as we are not                able to accommodate certain kinds of situations, for instance, evictions, sex-offenders, felons and pet-owners.                          Furthermore, since the COVID-19 virus is still around in Hamilton County, reducing unnecessary meet-up will definitely            help protect our staff members and the visitors better from the possibility of exposing themselves to the pandemic.                 Therefore, pre-qualifying the applications becomes very necessary and also safe for management, tenants and visitors.

              Online pre-qualification is simple and free. Once we receive your submission , we will process it as soon as possible           and report the results without any delay via text message, email or telephone call, whichever way the applicants prefer.           Home show will be scheduled after pre-qualified.

             If perspective tenant is satisfied with the apartment and decides to rent it, this is the time for him or her to turn in                 $45 non-refundable application fee for the management to run nationwide background screening towards final                           approval.

             After receiving final approval, perspective tenant will then be asked to turn in the SECURITY DEPOSIT which is                        usually of the same amount as the monthly rent payment and sign the LEASE AGREEMENT ( 12-month ). 

             Finally, tenant should turn in the first month rent and receive keys from the management and move into the                             designated unit on the chosen date.                                                                                                                                                                     There is no pro-rated rent for the first month!                                                                                                                                              If you move in  on the date other than the 1st, you still pay the full amount for the month , and the management will                  credit your overpayment towards the 2nd month.

               Sorry, we are a pet-free community!

             Service-dog owner must bring all duly-issued documents in order to move in without being charged:

     Greetings to our home-hunters!   We know you need a nice home now or some time later, and that's why we met each other here on this website. Please spend your precious time to browse through our photo galleries and video clips for every rental home available now and leave us your valuable comment.  If you believe this is the one you just want to have for you and your loved ones, let us start by filling up the form below !

*Application fee varies from state to state due to local credit bureau charge rates. Check our local manager for details.

Casa Deja Rental Pre-qualification Form

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Which location do you like to move in?

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Do you agree that the landlord/management screen your credit history and criminal background at your cost?

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